Leo Nora Design Studio is a sustainable clothing and fabric store, which is located in SE Portland, Oregon.  Everything started after watching the documentary film The True Cost.  Our store officially opened on June 25, 2016.

Our clothing collection are made of 100% fabric remnants.  The fabrics are leftover by wholesalers and fashion designers in LA Fashion District.  Our designs are limited because our fabrics are limited, which make our collection unique.  All items in our store are designed and made in our studio, which is located in Lake Oswego (about 11 miles from our studio).

Other services we offer are Made-to-Order and Repurposing.  We have a ton of fabrics to choose from for made-to-order designs. If you have a design in mind, please visit our store and check out our fabric collection, and we will work with you to design and make that outfit.  Because we promote sustainability, we offer repurposing and restyling so you can turn unwanted clothing or textile into something that you can reuse.

What makes us sustainable or eco-friendly? By using fabric remnants, we don’t have to order fabrics from a textile factory for our collection, which means we do not contribute to the pollution those textile factories give off like water pollution, air pollution, and solid-waste pollution. For more information, click here to read What kinds of pollution do textile factories give off?

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